Helping Dash help Venezuelans

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Venezuela has a problem. Their currency is worthless. I’ve been giving out 500 bolivar notes with some of the orders people have been placing as a special reward for the wonderful and lovely customers here at Scofflaws.Shop. Fun and games are okay, but in all seriousness, the people of Venezuela are not having a fun time when it comes to any level of economic activity.

This is why I like Dash. Dash is a cryptocurrency, one that allows the private sending of money at lightning-fast speeds. It’s backed by blockchains, and has tiny transaction fees and a high amount of liquidity.

Dash has the ability to help people in Venezuela accomplish what we would consider normal, every day tasks in a more secure manner, one that doesn’t rely on government-manipulated fiat currency.

This being the case, we’ve endeavored on a new project: If you purchase a shirt from our Free the Market, Empower People line of products, 10 dollars of your purchase will go directly to people working to spread sound money across the country of Venezuela. This includes helping educate Venezuelan consumers and businesses about Dash and set them up to start using it as a currency, increasing its adoption in the country.

Increasing Dash adoption in the country will not only further Libertarian interests in breaking the financial monopoly of oppressive governments, but directly improve the lives of Venezuelan people desperately searching for money that actually works for them instead of at their expense.

All shirts designed in Venezuela by Giselle Agelvis.

If you want to donate directly to this fund without purchasing, please send dash to the below address:


You can find more about Dash Venezuela here.

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